Pharm Assess, Inc. strives to offer the highest level of service to optimize the return on investment in both the services Pharm Assess provides our clients, as well as the services our clients provide to their customers. Our measurements of success are optimal gross margins, maximum profitability, and cost containment for our clients, allowing them to offer improved patient care.


“ReconRx has exceptional customer service. I do not hesitate to call them with questions because their knowledgeable staff is always available and able to assist me. They do an excellent job of keeping me up-to-date on my account and I communicate regularly with my ReconRx Account Manager. I have experienced more than a 3 to 1 return on my investment in this program. I have been a ReconRx member for several years and I would certainly recommend this reconciliation program to other independent pharmacies.” – Gerald, LA

“I have several pharmacies enrolled in ReconRx and I have an excellent working relationship with my ReconRx Account Manager. In addition to efficiency and peace-of-mind, ReconRx was able to recover almost $40,000 in lost payment from a third party payer for one of my pharmacies! I have definitely seen a healthy return on my investment in this program.”
– David, TX

Pharm AssessRBS

“Pharm AssessRBS has been an invaluable business partner throughout the years. In addition to providing detailed and customer friendly support on credentialing, reconciliation, third party payer contracting and financial reporting, they have been an excellent sounding board for me as I have navigated my business through various challenges. Most recently, they have assisted me with 340B, ensuring my program remains profitable for our pharmacy. I would strongly recommend the Pharm AssessRBS program!” — Julie, Pharmacy Controller, Multiple Pharmacy Locations, KS

“The Pharm AssessRBS service is a very important tool to help manage and understand our business. It is very nice to be able to look back at previous years and compare them to the current year or period to identify any trends, or to just measure our position in the market. I like to see the unique patient count, as well as the scripts per patient reporting. It’s very nice to get multiple reports at once verses running separate reports from our pharmacy software system.” — Kurt, Chief Operation Office, Multiple Pharmacy Locations, MO