RBS Credentialing

Are you compliant with new FWA and HIPAA requirements? Are you spending valuable internal resources on trying to keep up-to-date with the latest requirements of third party payers and CMS? Purchasing or leasing a FWA or HIPAA software system online doesn’t necessarily mean you will be compliant when an auditor arrives in your pharmacy. Let a dedicated Credentialing Account Manager take that burden off your pharmacy! RBS Credentialing provides a customizable comprehensive pharmacy and employee policy and procedure manual (includes FWA, HIPAA, Continuous Quality Improvement language, etc.) as well as FWA and HIPAA training programs accompanied with tests and individual employee certificates! Additionally, we track all employees to assure your pharmacy is 100% compliant, including checking all pharmacy staff against the OIG, GSA and State Exclusion lists. In addition, we provide comprehensive audit assistance in the event you are audited by a PBM!