What Reports are Available online?

Aging Reports, Reconciled Claim Summaries, and Reconciled Detailed Remittances.

Does ReconRx offer a Central Pay solution?

Yes. We offer a program called Single Pay. For more information, please review our Additional Services.

Is the payment informaiton on the website secure?

Yes. Your pharmacy is assigned a username and password at the time of enrollment. You can use this secure login to access all online reporting.

How will I know that my pharmacy's payments are being tracked and recovered by ReconRx?

Your ReconRx Account Manager will notate all inquiries to third party payers regarding outstanding claims and payment research. This information is displayed for your view in the member’s section of our website.

Will my pharmacy need to install software or utilize a specific software system?

You will not need to install any software to utilize our reconciliation program. We will reach out to your pharmacy’s software vendor or switch company to obtain your pharmacy’s claims data.

Is Central Pay required to participate in this program?

No. All payments continue to go to your pharmacy. We electronically reconcile your paid claims once payment has been confirmed received by your pharmacy.

Will ReconRx ever "write off" unpaid or partially paid claims?

No. All outstanding claims are tracked until the entire payment is received.

If my pharmacy does not have the time to confirm payments online, what are my options?

We provide a toll-free fax number at the time of enrollment. Simply fax us copies of checks and EFT payments received by your pharmacy and we will mark these payments received on your behalf at no additional charge.

Does ReconRx charge additional fees for researching outstanding payments?

No. We do not charge any additional fees for this service.

What is the monthly fee for ReconRx services?

We charge a flat fee of $215 per month per pharmacy. *This rate may be less with promotional offers.